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All you need to know to make an Inheritance in Spain

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Losing a loved person is a very hard moment in life, and carrying out the entire process of adjudicating the assets in Spain of that deceased person is still something tedious and complicated.

We take care of the entire Spanish inheritance process, from obtaining the corresponding certificates to the final receipt of the inheritance.

Our Spanish team of specialised advisors will take you through the process so that you can do it in a simple way without leaving home.

The advice of our inheritance Spanish team is totally personalised. We analyze and study your case based on your own individual circumstances. We carry out the necessary steps that make possible the determination, valuation and transmission of hereditary patrimony.

The Process Is Quite Simple And Can Be Done In 2 Days. The steps are the following :

The first step of the heirs is to obtain, as a key document to process the inheritance, is the document referred to as the death certificate. It is a document issued by the Civil Registry in which it is accredited that a certain person has died. This document is delivered by the funeral home that is in charge of the burial within two or three days.

The second step is to request the certificate of last will, this document contemplates whether or not the deceased granted a will, and in the case that he/she granted it, then before which notary public he/she did so.

If the deceased made a will, with the death certificate and the last will certificate, an authorised copy of the will must be requested

If the deceased did not grant a will, a document that makes up for the absence of a will must be signed before the notary, which is called the “Declaration of Heirs Act”, it is enough that one of the heirs signs it, and until the established legal term elapses, it has no effect.

Once the will or the declaration of heirs is in place, the procedures for the acceptance and adjudication of inheritance can be started.
The heirs must gather all the property titles of all the real estate, (homes, premises, garage spaces, plots of land, etc.) and the rights and obligations that make up the patrimony of the deceased person. They must request certificates from financial institutions of current account balances, investment funds, shares, deposits, etc. Likewise, any vehicle, boat or motorcycle of which he is the owner. At the same time, if the deceased person had any life insurance, it will be necessary to verify it by requesting the “Certificate of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts” from the Ministry of Justice.
Once the deed of inheritance is signed before a notary, it must be settled before the competent autonomous tax administration.
What are the Advantages

Legally Binding

The processing and management of the inheritance will be carried out within all the requirements of the law

Advice on the process

A specialised advisor will accompany you throughout the process and will process and manage your Inheritance solving all your concerns and worries.

Fast and comfortable

Our team of specialized advisors will make the process easy and simple for you at this often difficult and anxious time.