If You Have Paid Your Mortgage, We Can Process Your Cancellation

Did you know that once you finish paying your mortgage you have to start the procedures for its cancellation?

In this way you will have your home free of and registered charges and you will be able to sell it (unencumbered) and at the time of inheritance you will not experience any problems.

What Are The Steps I Have To Follow?
It will be necessary that you send us the data and documentation that we request in the form below
Our team of specialised advisors will contact you to learn more about your case.
We analyse the status of your mortgage, your property and the possible cancellation of it before anything else. We can assess your case without obligation.

We carry out all the management of the procedures corresponding to the documentation that implies the cancellation of your mortgage and we reserve it at the notary for its subsequent signature.

We book an appointment at the notary for a convenient day and time that best suits you, near your home or your workplace.
What are the Advantages

Free of charge

With the cancellation of your mortgage, your home will be free of registered charges so that you can sell it or avoid problems at the time of inheritance.

Assignment of an expert

A specialised advisor will accompany you throughout the process and will manage the processing of your mortgage cancellation

Fast and comfortable

Save time, create your draft Company Incorporation in a quick and easy way. The process will be made simple for you.